About Us

Iman Home is a local Islamic art business based in Toronto, dedicated to quality, hand-made products. With a team made up of a few local brothers and sisters, we have been designing and supplying traditional Islamic art to the Muslim Community for over 15 years. 
Each handmade piece is meant to invoke the remembrance of God (dhikr), be it in your living space, office, or prayer space, God-willing
From celebrating a wedding or birth, to inviting the baraka of purchasing a new home; the presence of Islamically inspired calligraphy and sacred geometry is a timeless gift, for all of life’s important occasions.
Our products are all carefully handcrafted from the finest of wood, without the use of laser machines. Our gallery showcases a variety of unique pieces, namely that of wooden plaques, candle holders, electric lanterns, pushpins, and framed calligraphy. 
Each piece has a sacred element of its own, possessing character to enlighten any home, office or prayer space.
Contact us to discuss how we can customize a unique piece to your liking. Crafted to suit your personal style of calligraphy, wood, size, and colour stain.